British Yoga Festival – Register for your free ticket now

[PLEASE NOTE: 29.09.14 – There is an update to this article – Yoga Magazine Backtracks Over Free Ticket Offer to Yoga Festival]

The British Yoga Festival opens in London on Friday 5th December and runs until Sunday 7th December 2014.  Festival organisers are kindly offering free tickets to all until 30th September 2014.  To claim your free ticket register online here.  British Yoga Festival 2014

The British Yoga Festival is open to the public and will be held at the Business Design Centre in Islington.  The festival boasts a range of activities including Ayurvedic stalls, diet, nutrition, arts and crafts, healthy living, meditation and yoga classes – with an itinerary still to be finalised.  There are also childrens activities including face painting and a bouncy castle.

I am wary of the over commercialism of yoga but am grateful to the British Yoga Festival for offering free tickets and concessionary prices after 30th September 2014 – for students, OAP’s, disabled and people in receipt of benefits (proof of concession is required).  Tickets can be purchased online from 1st October 2014 for £8 (Adults) and £5 (Conc.).  Children under the age of 16 can attend for free and must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The festival is held in conjunction with (sponsored by?) Yoga Magazine who I previously wrote about after reading their advertisment for Ahava stolen beauty contained within.  I hope Yoga Magazine is no longer profiting from advertising stolen beauty.

I have never experienced a yoga festival before.  I attended a yoga show at Kensington Olympia almost a decade ago.  It was an interesting experience.  It broadened my mind to all the many different aspects and tangents of yoga with which I was not familiar and I also purchased a wonderfully soothing quiet yoga music CD.  Can music be quiet? – Well yes – yoga music can be!

I look forward to experiencing what else is out there in the yoga world a decade on.

Peace and love, Sky



  1. Wish I were closer. Would love to attend the festival! Great work on your blog. Very informative 🙂

  2. Thanks so much : ) that’s really kind. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, love, x

  3. Denise Monk

    Your link is taking me to a website that wants to charge for entry now?

  4. Hi Denise, thanks for your comment – this is really odd as initially the Festival promoted free tickets until 30th September 2014. I have just checked the website (from the link) and it now reads ‘The Festival is open to the ‘public’ and entrance is FREE until 15th of September 2014’. I do not recall them saying the offer was open for a limited number of tickets only. Either way – the date of the offer certainly seems to have changed. I will tweet them and see what they say. Much love, Sky, x

  5. Hi Denise, I have contacted Yoga Magazine – here is an update – I hope you get to attend the show if you want to go. Peace and love, Sky

  6. Yami Naik

    I wanted to register for a free ticket to the festival, but the link doesnot show anywhere to apply for the free ticket.
    Can you help?
    Namaste Yami x

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