Yoga Magazine Backtracks Over Free Ticket Offer to Yoga Festival

Several weeks ago I came across a link promoting free tickets to the British Yoga Festival.  I had been a little wary of yoga shows due to expensive tickets and the over commercialisation of yoga.  The British Yoga Festival was different, it was offering Free tickets until the 30th September 2014.

This genuinely felt like a real attempt to allow all to enter and experience aspects of yoga, where the balance lay in community over commercial exploit.  Additionally, after the free ticket period expired, concession tickets were still available.

Brilliant I thought, this was something I can support, so I wrote a blog sharing the information provided by Yoga Magazines Eventbrite page and linked websites and thanked them for their kind offer.

A few days ago I received a comment from Denise Monk to the article I posted saying:

‘Your link is taking me to a website that wants to charge for entry now?’

When I checked the link which took me to Yoga Magazines Eventbrite page the wording for the offer had been changed.  The previous wording had been amended and instead it read:

‘The Festival is open to the ‘public’ and entrance is FREE until 15th of September 2014.’

Screen shot from Yoga Magazines Eventbrite page on 28.09.14
Screen shot from Yoga Magazines Eventbrite page on 28.09.14

I tweeted Yoga Magazine about this yesterday and a brief conversation ensued.  Yoga Magazine kindly replied saying that all free tickets went quicker than expected, their social media had stated the offer was on a 1st come 1st served basis, that my comments will be passed on and asked where on their website does it say the offer is open until 30th September 2014?

British Yoga Festival Free Tickets


If this offer was on a first come first serve basis and for a limited number of tickets only, this should’ve been clearly stated on all promotions where the offer was advertised.  Similarly, there would have been no need for Yoga Magazine to amend their previous wordings to now read ‘entrance is FREE until 15th September 2014.’

Yesterday I took a couple of screen shots.  If you look at Yoga Magazines Eventbrite page you can clearly see that there was an offer for Free tickets – though it now reads a different date.  There is no asterisk attached to the sentence or other sentence saying conditions apply to this offer.

Below is a screen shot taken yesterday from the Business Design Centre Website, where the British Yoga Festival is to be held.  This says ‘Free before the 31st October’.  Again there is no asterisk attached to the sentence or other sentence saying conditions apply to this offer.

Screen shot from the BDC website taken 28.09.14
A screen shot taken from the BDC website on 28.09.14.

A quick search on twitter this morning for ‘The British Yoga Festival’ brought up a tweet posted by Yoga Magazine on the 4th September (a day before my blog) again confirming without condition, that tickets are free until the end of September.  The link takes readers to the same Yoga Magazine Eventbrite page which has since been amended.

Twitter search for BYF on 29.09.14 reveals YM tweet dated 04.09.14.
Twitter search for BYF on 29.09.14 reveals Yoga Magazine tweet dated 04.09.14.

It is observable that Yoga Magazine did offer free tickets.  When I published the blog on September 5th 2014 – I did not observe any information which said that free tickets were on a first come first served basis or for a limited number of tickets only, or that the length of the offer may be changed at anytime.

It is evident that Yoga Magazine has since my blog was published changed the terms of their offer.  Reading the date provided by the British Design Centres website – this is not the first time Yoga Magazine has done this.

It is people who have taken up this offer, and told other people about the offer that have helped to promote the British Yoga Festival.

Whilst I understand that Yoga Magazine does not wish to run the British Yoga Festival with a loss.  I do believe, that if they felt too many people were taking up the offer for the free tickets and that they were unable to continue it, they should have just said so.  However, to amend their wording to reduce the offer period, as if the previous offer period never existed, is unreasonable, unfair, misleading and confusing.

There are many people who may have seen the offer and realised that they had until the 30th of September to claim their free tickets and be looking forward to attending the British Yoga Festival.  What is evident, is that many people have been left disappointed by Yoga Magazines alteration here.

It is my view that yoga magazine should honour the offer they promised.  After all – this is a festival of yoga? The first limb of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutrus provides for the Yamas – ethical considerations which include Satya – truthfulness, Asteya – not stealing, Brahmacharya – moderation and Aparigraha – Non-possessiveness.

Peace and love, Sky




  1. I agree with you. Honesty is and should always be the preferred route instead of someone trying to “cya” because more people took the offer than expected. Great article!

  2. Hi Susie, : ) thanks very much for your comment. I have had a few people tell me they were really sad not to be able to get their free tickets. In this time of austerity, it is difficult for people and it was a really nice offer to provide free tickets in the spirit of a Yoga Festival. Many people have been left confused and disappointed by this.

  3. Denise Monk

    Thanks for clarifying all of this for me. Disappointed as I had, as probably like others waited to confirm dates with others, if I had known I would have booked when first seen.
    Should be a lesson learnt to Yoga Magazine.

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