Private Classes

We’re all unique with different life experiences and lifestyles. A Private Yoga Class is an ideal way to develop your yoga practice specific to your individual needs at a time that’s most convenient to you. We offer a variety of yoga practices including:

‘I’m loving it and it’s helping a lot with my pregnancy! It’s my first pregnancy and I’ve had no previous experience practicing yoga till now. I have back problems so I thought it’d made sense to book private lessons, and I know now it was the best decision I could make. Sky is great. She is introducing me to yoga in a way that feels really natural and intuitive, while teaching me very useful postures to help with my pregnancy and my back. I feel the lessons are customised to my needs (which is something you don’t get in a group class) and that’s encouraging me even more to keep learning and practicing at home. Without hesitation, I honestly recommend these 1 to 1 lessons to anyone that wants to find a very calming way of exercising as well as helping to stay positive during pregnancy. Paula, June 2016

If you’d like to book a Private Yoga Class, please complete the Form below and we will get back to you shortly.  All information received is treated confidentially.