Yogalime Reviews

Baby Yoga: ‘Lovely classes for mothers and babies. Both my baby and I, loved going to the baby yoga. The classes offer a good range of exercises for babies and for mothers. The atmosphere of the classes is very relaxing, with lots of singing for the babies. The teacher, Sky, is very friendly and caring. I have no reservations in recommending these classes.’  Shared here Olga, July 2017

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Great Pregnancy Yoga.  I did pregnancy yoga and enjoyed the classes very much. I just wish they had lasted 1.5 hours !  The course is preparing you for birth and gives you a lot of postures and breathing tips for the big day, it helps you to relax during your pregnancy, you meet lovely mothers to be and the birth stories sky reads at the end of every class are very interesting.  Sky is a very lovely warm teacher and I can recommend her classes very much.’  Shared here Kathrin, June 2017

Baby Yoga: ‘The classes were very relaxed, and my baby thoroughly enjoyed it. The teacher was very welcoming who taught the lessons with a very personal approach and plenty of empathy and care.’ Shared here Sadiqa, June 2017

Baby Yoga: ‘My little one (aged 4-5 months) loved our Baby Yoga classes with Sky. She really enjoyed the baby yoga postures and dry massage and all the songs and rhymes that went with them, The Green Frog song was a particular favourite. She had a big grin on her face throughout the classes. The classes had a great mixture of yoga for babies and gentle postnatal yoga for mothers. Sky was great with the babies and they really responded to her.’ Shared here Sarah, June 2017

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Sky is an amazing teacher, very caring, creative and fun. I really enjoyed every single class.’ Shared here Kamila, June 2017

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘A big big thank you for everything you have taught me. From The breathing, to the positions I had an wonderful and amazing experience and I am forever grateful and very much looking forward to starting baby yoga with you.’  Seerin, January 2017

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘I recently gave birth and during the whole process I felt so much in control that I can’t thank enough Sky for it. I may have not done proper yoga postures during my contractions but the one thing I remember throughout the experience is that I always visualised the room that I learnt yoga and the assurance and confidence Sky provided during the lessons and on how much control one can have while giving birth to their baby.

Those positive affirmations and a sense of awareness on every deep breath I took helped me get through labour and birthing eventually.  I’m glad that I chose pregnancy yoga not only to build strength and bond with the baby but to gain that inner strength that I can now apply into my day to day life from now onwards.  Once again thanks a lot for the wonderful experience.’  Shared here Deepal, January 2017

Pregnancy Yoga:  ‘I didn’t really have a ‘birth plan’ just some preferences and I wasn’t afraid to use pain relief if I needed to. In the end, I didn’t need to because of all the techniques I learned in yoga; remaining calm, trusting my instincts and BREATHING were absolutely invaluable and ultimately all I needed. Thank you Sky, your help and knowledge has been fantastic and I’ve learned techniques that I will use again and again, not just in birth.’  Shared here Laura, November 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Labour was a tough ride but I couldn’t be more happier with the techniques I learnt in your class. I would recommend everybody do pregnancy yoga that’s how much it helped me.’  Read more Nagina, August 2016

Baby Yoga: ‘I found Baby Yoga incredibly healing and relaxing. It helped my son to settle to sleep incredibly quickly in the evening when it normally takes him a while. It also helped with my postnatal recovery. I would thoroughly recommend Yogalime compared to other styles of yoga, as it is very much in tune with mother and baby. If you can’t do a particular move or feel uncomfortable, Sky always shows an alternative that is equally as effective.’ Sabrina, August 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Yoga taught me the best pain relief which is breathing and making me feel in control. I don’t think there is anything else more valuable that I could have learnt or known before going into labour. As I had an emergency C-section, yoga breathing helped me get through the pain I started feeling after the numbness from the operation had worn off, a couple of days after giving birth.’ Fatima, August 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Yoga with Sky was wonderful and was worth its weight in gold when it came to the birth! I’ll really miss the classes. Although this was not the birth I planned for my baby, I was able to adjust to and accept the changes. The breathing techniques learnt in class were invaluable and helped me to stay calmer than I could have imagined. I see this calmness in my baby every day.’  Read more Toni, July 2016

Ashtanga Yoga: ‘I started classes with Sky in March 2015 as a complete beginner to yoga in the Grassroots centre in West Ham. Sky is a wonderful teacher who makes sure all of her students feel welcome and at ease as soon as they step into the room. The small sizes of the classes are particularly good as it means that Sky can focus her attention on each student to help them improve, and that good friendships were formed within the class. I am very grateful to Sky for introducing me to the world of yoga – the benefits to both my body and my mind have been huge. Thanks Sky!’  Read more Rosie, July 2016

Private Classes: ‘I’m loving it and it’s helping a lot with my pregnancy! It’s my first pregnancy and I’ve had no previous experience practicing yoga till now. I have back problems so I thought it’d made sense to book private lessons, and I know now it was the best decision I could make. Sky is great. She is introducing me to yoga in a way that feels really natural and intuitive, while teaching me very useful postures to help with my pregnancy and my back. I feel the lessons are customized to my needs (which is something you don’t get in a group class) and that’s encouraging me even more to keep learning and practicing at home. Without hesitation, I honestly recommend these 1 to 1 lessons to anyone that wants to find a very calming way of exercising as well as helping to stay positive during pregnancy.’ Paula, June 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Sky’s yoga classes were effective for my pregnancy with symptoms such as backache and posture. During labour the breathing techniques, visualisation and positions helped me to tune into my body when I needed it the most. Sky is considerate of each individuals needs in class and I’d recommend it to all expectant mothers!’ Anisah, June 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘I started pregnancy yoga with Sky at 14 weeks right up until I was 39 weeks pregnant. The weekly class taught me various breathing techniques which helped me enormously during birth. It was also hugely beneficial to be taught how to do pelvic floor exercises properly, the importance of which i don’t think they emphasise enough in antenatal classes or once you have given birth. Sky is a caring teacher who takes interest in all her pupils well-being and always offered advice on how to relieve any niggling pregnancy aches and pains. The class gave me a precious hour each week to relax and focus on myself and the baby, something we can forget to do with the busy lives we all now lead. If I have another baby I will definitely be taking up pregnancy yoga again.’ Crissy, May 2016

Mums & Bumps:  ‘I really enjoyed my first Mums and Bumps Club meeting this weekend. It was lovely to meet the local mums and their babies, share stories and have a very enjoyable time. I am keenly looking forward to the next meetup!’ Shared here Krista, February 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘It was a great learning experience with Sky. The peace of mind I had after each class was priceless! I would recommend Yogalime to anyone who wants to stay fit during and after pregnancy. Thank you, Sky!  Shared here Kavitha, February 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘I was practicing pregnancy yoga with Sky for four months and the experience was outstanding! We have learnt a lot about active birth and how to get prepared for labour. She has been great in advising on postures and pain relief. I was looking forward going to her class on a weekly basis. Excellent experience!’ Shared here Petra, January 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘I wanted to thank you for your fantastic yoga classes! I found the breathing exercises I learnt from you invaluable during labour. I had managed to breathe through hours of contractions at home. I had shown my husband what I had learnt before hand so when the day came he was able to keep reminding me what to do. Thank you again Sky!’ January 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Not only do you get to do amazing yoga that’s great for the body and mind. Not to mention it’s really good preparation for the birth, more importantly you get to meet great people. I found that out from the moment we started which was reinforced by our ‘Mums and Bumps’ meet up. The tips, highs and lows that were shared were invaluable to me, considering I have weeks to go and I am making important decisions. The information you receive at hospital and from family and friends is useful, but not as valuable as like-minded people that have just been through it. I definitely got more than just yoga out of the group and hope that I have made friends for myself and my unborn baby.’ S, January 2016

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘I felt so relaxed, didn’t even realise how tense I was until after the class. I never really enjoyed yoga until now. The instructor is very supportive. If you live in the area – this is the only place to go!’ Shared here Sabrina, October 2015

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Lovely small class in West Ham. I enjoyed learning postures that stretched my back and shoulders in particular to make pregnancy more comfortable and also learning movements to make labour calmer (hopefully!). I’ll try the moves when the time comes and at the very least I think remembering what I’ve learned and focusing on breathing will keep me grounded during labour. Nice friendly group!’ Shared here Fiona, October 2015

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘I completed the Yogalime Pregnancy Yoga course two weeks ago and found it one of the best choices I’ve made in terms of my pregnancy. Sky (the Instructor) is extremely calming and her knowledge of pregnancy and yoga was apparent throughout. The classes were small so she was able to pay adequate attention to each participant and provided alternatives where needed. Before taking this class I trained in a gym for many years and have been used to vigorous exercise. I felt I needed something soothing and to maintain flexibility before the birth of my baby. The class taught me many techniques to stay calm, reduce anxiety and feel in touch with the changes my body has been going through. It was sometimes the only hour each week where I felt I was concentrating on my mental well-being. I also met with other mothers who were in similar stages of pregnancy, who were local and we made a little social circle. I would certainly recommend this class to anyone who is pregnant.’ Shared here Sarina, October 2015

Postnatal Yoga: ‘My baby Alessandro (4 months) and me really enjoyed the yoga class with Sky. She is a fantastic teacher as well as a very sweet person! The class atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. After giving birth I was physically feeling good but I had some pain at my back (shoulders and neck). Sky helped me proposing some good exercises and positions. My back improved a lot!!! I learned the Sankalpa approach with Sky. I loved it and I still using it!’ Giulia, September 2015

Postnatal Yoga: ‘Sky runs a wonderful and supportive post-natal yoga class. She works individually with everyone to make sure the poses are tailored to our needs and abilities, and is great at helping you to address any particular issues. I had pelvic girdle pain, for example, and she was amazing about finding poses that didn’t hurt and helping me find exercises to help make things better. It was wonderful to feel myself slowly getting stronger, and the poses slowly getting more challenging. Yoga was definitely my favourite time of the week. And the babies love it too!’ Elizabeth, August 2015

Postnatal Yoga: ‘It is my first experience and its a great experience with result.’  Shared here Alma, August 2015

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘These yoga classes have been a great experience to learn about deep breathing and relaxation. The one-to-one sessions have helped me improve my posture and movements which I was unaware of before joining the class. I have also learnt about the breathing exercises that I can do during labour which will help ease the pain. Overall it has been good value for money and I intend to join the post-natal classes very soon.’ Priya, April 2015

Let’s Yoga: ‘I’ve just returned from a class feeling sooo good – would heartily recommend. Sky, the instructor, is really sensitive to everyone’s individual needs, so no worries if you’re not super fit [for example]. I always feel both energised and relaxed.’ Shared here Joanna, January 2015

Pregnancy Yoga: ‘Fantastic activity for all mums-to-be at any stage/trimester of pregnancy and beyond. Not only does it gets you ready physically and spiritually for the most important day of your life but also it helps you to feel and understand your changing body a lot better. An hour of relaxation and self-study with a great yoga coach Sky. Highly recommended!’ Shared here Natasha, February 2015

Ashtanga Yoga: ‘I started my yoga classes at the Grassroots centre a month ago and I am really enjoying it! It’s not just a very good way to exercise your body but also to learn how to have full control of it. Sky, the teacher, is very professional and makes sure you are doing everything correctly! I would totally recommend it!’ Shared here Marta, February 2015