Birth Preparation Workshop

Birth Preparation Workshop East LondonJoin us at our Birth Preparation Workshop, for pregnant women and their birth partners.  In a warm and friendly environment, we will talk about the physiological process of labour, helping you to know what to expect.  Our practical Workshop will help you both to understand and use effective techniques, to support you in the birth of your baby.

Our Workshop shares practical ways to help you manage the intensity of labour including breath, sound, rebozo, relaxation and massage practices.  There will be movement practice for an active birth with role play, so please wear comfortable clothes (allowing you to move freely).

Our Birth Preparation Workshop compliments and works with our Pregnancy Yoga Classes and is open to and recommended to our students after they have started their Pregnancy Yoga Classes.  This Workshop will help you to better understand how your Pregnancy Yoga practice can be used in a practical setting, during labour and shares aspects of your yoga practice with your birth partner and techniques they can use to help encourage and support you – sharing this journey together.

  • For women and their birth partners
  • Pain perception and resources for coping
  • Holistic preparation with movement, positioning, use of breath and use of sound
  • Facilitates relaxation using ancient yoga techniques suitable during labour
  • Releases psychosomatic obstacles to the progress of labour and delivery
  • Helps empower women to embrace their deeper instincts to make space for their baby’s journey through the pelvic openings
  • Helps birth partners to be involved in the birth experience and welcome a newborn baby whilst supporting birthing women with confidence and understanding
Feedback from attendees at our Birth Preparation Workshops in Summer 2017:
 “I loved that it was very practical and that we moved around a lot – good content” Expecting mum
“I liked learning about the positions I can help my wife with, that don’t hurt the baby” Birth Partner

“Me and my husband attended this excellent birth preparation workshop which is totally a hands on experience. I’m very sure it’s going to help me during labour. The techniques taught during the 3 hour workshop are really simple for birth partners to understand and put them to use during labour.” Expecting mum


“Thank you so much.  I feel a lot better prepared to support my Partner.” Birth Partner

As labour approaches, it can be a time of mixed emotions for you and your birth partner.  This Workshop will help you both to build confidence, prepare and empower you – helping to transform your experience of birth.

Our Birth Preparation Workshop is suitable after 14 weeks of pregnancy – prior to joining, please check with your GP or midwife that yoga is suitable for you and your baby.

Join our Birth Preparation Workshop

Our Birth Preparation Workshop is held every 10-16 weeks in a small group setting.  For the date of our next Workshop, see our Class Schedule.  If no date is shared, please contact us with your enquiry and we will contact you when details are available.

Bookings are taken online and spaces are limited.  To book your space, please complete the form below. A payment request will be emailed to you on the same day (if you don’t receive this please check your junk/spam inbox or Contact Us).  Upon receipt of payment, we will send you an email to confirm your booking.  All booking must be completed and payment received at least 10 days before the date of the Workshop you wish to join.

Prior to booking, please see the Class Schedule for Workshop dates, times and updates on scheduled holidays/cancellations and our Prices, Terms and Conditions here.


Private Birth Prepartation Workshops are also available.  These can be tailored to meet your individual needs at a time and place that suits you.

Birthlight encompasses 30 years of teaching experience

‘We use breathing awareness, spinal alignment, adapted yoga poses and flow-movement, touch, sound and relaxation in innovative programmes supported by an extensive underpinning knowledge of anatomy, physiology and scientific research evidence. Our programme is the result of a long process of adaptation, testing and teaching experience.’ Birthlight yoga