Birth Preparation Workshop

Join us in our Birth Preparation Workshop for expecting parents.

Research shows that women value and benefit from the presence of a support person in childbirth. Having a birth Doula can be a very helpful experience, however many parents don’t engage their services.

This Workshop immerses you in effective techniques you can use for comfort in pregnancy and birth.  With plenty of practical focus on partner interaction and 1-2-1 support. It will enable you both to understand birth progress and how your partner may support you at each stage (if you would like it). We teach a variety of techniques to support the natural physiology and progress of birth, with holistic tools to enhance comfort and manage sensations. 

‘I am so relieved I managed to convince my husband to come to the Birth Preparation Workshop, not only did he support me every step of the way, he felt confident with how he could support me.’ First time mum, 2017

We value the importance of working with a small group of expecting parents, to aid your understanding and practice.  Our Birth Preparation Workshop is recommended to our Pregnancy Yoga students and is usually taken in addition to NHS and other Antenatal Courses.

‘…Having already completed an NCT and Hypnobirthing course we found this really beneficial as it filled in the gaps of the practical tips of pain management that the others did not. We spent approximately half of the session practicing physical techniques to use in each stage of labour. It was a great refresher and the closer we get to the birth and we hope to implement these in pain control.’ Karen, 2019 

  • Empowers women to embrace their deeper instincts to make space for baby’s journey through the pelvis
  • Empowers partners to be involved in the birth experience & welcome baby whilst supporting birthing women with confidence & understanding
  • Movement & positioning for active labour (including with epidurals)
  • Partner support for relaxation, labour & birth
  • Practical ways to help you manage the intensity of labour
  • Techniques to support labour progress
  • Pain perception & resources for coping
  • Breath, Sound, Relaxation & Massage Practices
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Hormones & Stages of Birth

‘My partner and I attended the Birth Preparation Workshop and found it to be incredibly helpful. Sky was very informative and answered all of our questions. We found the practical elements to be really useful. I think my partner feels a lot more confident that he will be able to support me fully during labour. I also feel very reassured that my body is capable of delivering our baby safely.’ Natalie, 2019

As labour approaches it can be a time of mixed emotions for you both. Our Birth Preparation Workshop helps you to build in confidence and prepare.

Join our Birth Preparation Workshop

Suitable from 30 weeks of pregnancy. Prior to joining, please confirm with your GP/Midwife that yoga is suitable for you. This Workshop is only available to Yogalime Pregnancy Yoga students.

Booking are taken online & must be completed at least 7 days prior to the Workshop. Class Schedule lists class days, times and updates – our Terms and Conditions.  

Upon receipt of payment you’ll receive an email confirming your Booking with details to help you prepare (check your Junk Folder & contact us if you don’t receive this). If you have any questions drop us a line.

Private Birth Preparation Workshops are also available.  These can be tailored to meet your individual needs at a time and place that suits you.  

Our Birth Preparation Workshop works in combination with our Pregnancy Yoga Classes , Spinning Babies® Parent Class and Hypnobirthing for expecting parents.

‘Really useful workshop – a great mix of theory, practical and relaxation. Sky goes into a lot of detail on technical aspects of labour which are missed in the standard hospital provided antenatal classes, such as the interplay of hormones throughout all stages of labour and anatomy of the pelvis and how this changes with movement and lots more. The practicals and yogic side make the entire day very relaxing and gave lots of inspiration for preparing a calming birthing environment…’ Amy, 2019