What does a Birth Partner do?

Birth Partners play a valuable role in labour and birth, in making you comfortable and supporting you to birth your baby.  I share 6 things below, that a Birth Partner can do to nurture your birth experience: 1.   Protect your Privacy & Birth Space Your Birth Space matters, it is important that you feel safe, comfortable and secure wherever you birth your baby and that you have privacy.  Your birth partner can help to create your birth space when you go into labour, protect your privacy and ensure that you’re comfortable and have all you need.  A dark environment away from…

Protected: Elements for pleasurable sex are needed for Birth

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Protected: The Importance of Dignity in Birth

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Letting Go

In my earlier days when practicing a yoga posture, I began to notice that I held my breath, particularly if I was doing something that I found mentally or physically challenging. Your yoga practice can reveal much to you about yourself and how you respond or react to every day things in life. I recall asking my yoga teacher at the time about that and she kindly shared, that if I focused on the exhale, the inhale would naturally follow. It took time for me to understand what a powerful metaphor, this reality is. Recently I was thinking about drinking…