Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga classes at Yogalime provide a safe and welcoming space for you to practice yoga in the company of your baby.  During classes, mothers are welcome to take the time they need to mother their baby.  Gentle exercises are practiced which aid yoga in West Ham, Newham, E15, yogalime, pregnancy yoga, postnatal yogahealing in the weeks and months after birth – focusing on stabilizing and strengthening the body.  Postnatal yoga nurtures a new mother and enhances vitality from within.

Spending time with your baby provides a wonderful start in your relationship together.  Postnatal yoga classes are an opportunity for you and your baby to share quality time in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment.  Though the focus of the class is on mums, classes include playtime with your baby.

Yoga postures aid postnatal recovery by strengthening the lower back, abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor.  They ease stiffness in the neck, shoulders and upper back, ailments commonly experienced by mothers when feeding a young baby.

Relaxation techniques including breathing, sound and meditation practices, are calming and soothing for both mother and baby.  They help to alleviate feelings of panic and anxiety, are stabilising and comforting during periods of high emotion.  Pranayama (breath practices) energises and promotes vitality and nourishment.  As well as helping a mother and baby to bond, relaxation techniques can enable a mother to find some quiet time, and create a private retreat for herself.

Practicing effective relaxation skills helps to reduce stress levels and balance emotional stability – improving energy levels and general wellbeing.

There is no judgment in classes and all experiences are welcome.   Beginners to yoga are welcome.

Classes are suitable for mothers 6-8 weeks after birth, until babies are crawling.  If you have had a C-section, we recommend joining the class 8-10 weeks after a C-section or after you have healed and feel ready – in either case, please ask your doctors advice before attending a postnatal yoga class.

Please bring to class any items you require for your own comfort (e.g. water) and the comfort of your baby (e.g. food, nappies, toys, pacifier) including a thick blanket or cushion to rest your baby on.  Yoga mats and blocks are provided.

Please note, ‘regular’ yoga classes (without postnatal modifications) are not suitable for new mothers to attend until the after-effects of pregnancy and birth have disappeared.  This usually takes 6 months to reach, after this time ‘regular’ yoga classes can be attended if a mother feels strong and well enough to do so.  It is important to strengthen the pelvic floor before attending ‘regular’ yoga classes and Postnatal yoga classes will support you in this aim.


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