Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a loving and playful practice encouraging bonding. With roots in yoga, it’s a mindful practice, creating positive feelings and interaction.  Our Baby Yoga Course is taught over 4 weeks and includes gentle yoga for mum with postnatal strengthening and relaxation.

We use dry massage techniques and yoga postures for baby which are often practiced whilst singing – this delights everyone, especially babies!

Benefits of Baby Yoga include:

  • Improved digestion & relief from colic & gas
  • Strengthening the physical body
  • Helps baby move from reflex to voluntary movements
  • Helps baby to settle & improve sleep patterns
  • Increases baby’s ability to cope with future challenges
  • Builds trust & understanding, enhances communication & confidence
  • Releases tension, is calming & fun!

Tactile stimulation during Baby Yoga contributes to baby’s brain development and nervous system.  Baby Yoga is a celebration of each baby and their individuality!

We share supportive ways to lift, lower and hold your baby. Yoga sequences help calm the mind, enabling you to have a more restful sleep. A lovely way to meet other parents, share experiences and make friends.

You’ll also receive an invitation to join our Mums and Bumps Club !

I found Baby Yoga incredibly healing and relaxing. It helped my son to settle to sleep incredibly quickly in the evening when it normally takes him a while. It also helped with my postnatal recovery. I would thoroughly recommend Yogalime compared to other styles of yoga, as it is very much in tune with mother and baby. If you can’t do a particular move or feel uncomfortable, Sky always shows an alternative that is equally as effective.  Sabrina

What’s happens in a Baby Yoga Class?

The practice is led by baby – you’re welcome to feed your baby and meet their needs.  If your baby is asleep, you can practice the techniques on a teddy in class and when at home, you’ll know what to do.

Join our Group Baby Yoga Course

Suitable for babies from 3 months – pre-mobile (before baby starts to crawl or walk). Each booking is for one parent and baby; dads are welcome to attend with baby instead of mum.  Prior to joining, please check with your GP that yoga is suitable for you both. Bookings are taken in advance online. Click here for: Class Schedule (Course dates, times & updates), Prices , Terms & Conditions and Locations.

On receipt of payment you’ll receive an email confirming your Booking with details to prepare for the Course (check your Junk Folder & contact us if you don’t receive this). If you have any questions drop us a line.

‘My little one (aged 4-5 months) loved our Baby Yoga classes with Sky. She really enjoyed the baby yoga postures and dry massage and all the songs and rhymes that went with them, The Green Frog song was a particular favourite. She had a big grin on her face throughout the classes. The classes had a great mixture of yoga for babies and gentle postnatal yoga for mothers. Sky was great with the babies and they really responded to her.’ Sarah