Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a nurturing and loving practice, with strokes inspired by Indian and Swedish traditions and reflexology. We’re pleased to offer a comprehensive Baby Massage Course certified by the International Association for Infant Massage.

Our Baby Massage Course is taught over 5 weeks. Each week we’ll teach you how to massage a different part of your baby’s body and after 5 weeks, you’ll have learnt how to massage your baby’s legs & feet, stomach, chest, arms and hands, face and back – a full body massage for baby ! We share a special sequence for the relief of Colic and Gas. You’ll receive a complimentary bottle of Massage Oil and an informative Booklet with illustrated massage strokes to use with baby at home.

You’ll also receive an invitation to join our Mums and Bumps Club !

Benefits of Baby Massage for Baby

With benefits now being researched and proven by science – parents over decades have shared the benefits of infant massage.

Infants who are massaged by their parents before bed tend to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and stay asleep longer. IAIM

  • Promotes bonding, secure attachment & quality 1-2-1 time
  • Develops communication skills, promotes love
  • Suppors natural development, improves co-ordination & balance
  • Helps to release physical & psychological tension, providing relief from discomfort e.g. gas & colic, growing pains, teething discomfort
  • Enhances relaxation, improves sleep patterns
  • Improves baby’s ability to self calm, reduces their stress hormones & nurtures higher levels of relaxing hormones
  • Reduces hypersensitivity & hyperactivity, enables baby to enjoy positive time out

Benefits of Baby Massage for you

  • Supports you to understand your baby by reading & respecting their cues
  • Promotes bonding & secure attachment, helps improve self esteem, confidence, parenting skills & is positive activity together
  • Enables relaxation, improves sleep, stimulates lactation, reduces postnatal-depression & offers early 1-2-1 involvement for dads

Classes are held in a welcoming group setting, giving you an opportunity to meet other parents.

Baby Massage at Yogalime

What’s happens in a Baby Massage Class?

Parents are invited to join, where your baby is massaged only by you. The practice is led by baby and we encourage you to listen to your baby’s cues – you’re welcome to feed, hold your baby and meet their needs.  If your baby is asleep, you can practice the techniques on a doll in Class and when your baby is ready to be massaged at home, you’ll know what to do.

Join our Group Baby Massage Course

Classes suitable from birth – 12 months (best suited for pre-mobile babies). Prior to joining, please check with your GP that Baby Massage is suitable for you and baby.

Bookings are taken online (spaces are limited, early Booking recommended). Class Schedule lists class days, times and updates – our Terms and Conditions.  Bookings must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the start date.


Upon receipt of payment you’ll receive an email confirming your Booking with details to prepare for the Course (check your Junk Folder & contact us if you don’t receive this). If you have any questions drop us a line.

Private Baby Massage Classes are also available. These can be tailored to meet your individual needs at a time and place that suits you.

I wish the baby massage course could last longer. It was a great opportunity to learn how to massage my baby, calm her down, bond even more and also meet other parents. Sky, the teacher, is really sweet, professional and well prepared. Looking forward to do the Baby Yoga Course! Joana, August 2017

IAIM is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and Embody CThA.

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