Responding the the “Ghetto Yoga” incident: Being a White Ally

When prejudice is so internalised within society that those participating are ignorant to their complicity. Normalisation of prejudice is not acceptable. Yoga teaches awareness by means of observation. Thank you Susan for speaking out. Peace and love.

susan virginia yoga

I woke up a few weeks ago with thisstory filling my feed. You may have already heard about it. A yoga studio in a mostly white, affluent California neighborhood hosted a “Ghetto Fabulous” yoga class where practitioners were encouraged to arrive in “ghetto” outfits like heavy lip-liner,  and corn rows to “Get down with yo’ bad self & booty shake all the way into shavasana.” Photos from the event on facebook (now removed but available at Jezebel’s article) show primarily young white women sporting do-rags and flashing gang signs.  As you may imagine, the event was met with criticism for it’s appropriation of hip-hop style and tone-deaf trivializing and glorifying of gang culture.

I looked at these photos of people who look, basically, like me (white, young, female, able-bodied) and felt . . . Sad. Angry. Embarrassed. I read the lack-luster apology from the studio owner and pages…

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