Letting Go

In my earlier days when practicing a yoga posture, I began to notice that I held my breath, particularly if I was doing something that I found mentally or physically challenging. Your yoga practice can reveal much to you about yourself and how you respond or react to every day things in life. yoga breathing

I recall asking my yoga teacher at the time about that and she kindly shared, that if I focused on the exhale, the inhale would naturally follow.

It took time for me to understand what a powerful metaphor, this reality is.

Recently I was thinking about drinking with a straw and the science behind suction… why does liquid flow up the straw? When you suck on a straw you create a void, an empty space in the straw and atmospheric pressure pushes down on the liquid in the glass, pushing the liquid up the straw.

In both cases the same hand is at play. Creation, nature… if we create a space….. nature brings in something new.

So don’t be afraid to let go, as by letting go fully and completely… you create the space for something new.

Love Sky

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