Birthing without Judgment

I really enjoy sharing Pregnancy Yoga with expecting Mums-to-Be. I encourage women to start classes early in their Pregnancy and continue throughout their Pregnancy, so that the practice becomes natural to them and they make it their own.

Overtime, it has become apparent by some of the questions asked and the way in which comments are often made about birth – that women can hold much judgment about birth and anxiety about the ‘proper way’ to do it.
Pregnancy Yoga and Birth

Set yourself an Intention if you so wish. Try to let go of judgment of yourself and others. Let go of expectation. There is no right or wrong way to birth your baby – only your way – what feels right for you, in your moment, in your individual situation and experience (and with medical consultation).

Birth is not a Yoga Class and as a Yoga teacher I don’t prescribe to women what they should do. I hope with a regular yoga practice during Pregnancy, you will develop your own intrinsic way to breathe, what feels comfortable to you and a heightened connection to and respect of your own inner awareness.

During Labour and Birth, move in a way that feels instinctual, natural and honours you.

The Practice of Yoga also helps you to be ‘present’, aware during Labour and Birth, which better enables you to make choices during this time and going forward in life, in a way that is true to your heart.

“Although this was not the birth I planned for my baby, I was able to adjust to and accept the changes. The breathing techniques learnt in class were invaluable and helped me to stay calmer than I could have imagined. I see this calmness in my baby every day.” Toni, 2016

Nourish yourself with vitality, rest when you need to and let go.

Wishing you the very best in your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Love, Sky

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