Join us with your birth companion on our Hypnobirthing Course where we support the mind and body to let go of fear daily, allowing you to build in calm confidence in preparation for birth. yogalime hypnobirthing

Your body is naturally designed to give birth but fear and negative thoughts can have a powerful impact due to a strong mind and body connection.  Hypnobirthing uses words to help release fear and replace it with calm and gentle, positivity and confidence – this supports your body’s natural physiology during birth.

‘Hypnobirthing can reduce the need for pain relief and shorten labour and you are more likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth.  It actively involves the father; you will both learn skills to instil confidence about the birth and your roles as parents’  The Hypnobirthing Book

Hypnobirthing is not stage hypnosis and you will not be put into a trance like state, we simply use words to help you relax and release.  The benefits of Hypnobirthing are nourished by daily or regular practice at home.  On our Course we will teach you what to do and your birth companion will also have the opportunity to practice with you, so that they’re confident to continue practice with you at home. 

To support your Hypnobirthing practice, as part of our Course you’ll receive a Course File containing reading materials, The Hypnobirthing Book and a Relaxation MP3.

Our Course is taught over 6 hours, including 4 Sessions discussing:

Session One

  • Worries & what you would like to achieve
  • Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing
  • How the mind Works & the impact of Fear
  • The natural physiology of birth & mind body connection
  • Relaxation

Session Two

  • Power of the Mind, Hypnobirthing Breathing & visualisations techniques for labour
  • Deep relaxation and demonstrations
  • Practice: Relaxations & Hypnobirthing Techniques with your Birth Partner, using works, touch, massage, positive affirmations and Hypnobirthing scripts
  • Supporting baby to be in the optimal position
  • Pelvic Floor Exercises
  • Perineal Massage
  • Birth Position matters

Session Three

  • Due Dates
  • Midwives & Obstetricians
  • Onset of Labour
  • Birth companions’ questions
  • Relaxation for Confidence & Power

Session Four

  • Home Birth, Birthing in a Birth Centre or an Obstetric Unit – differences & support available
  • Writing your Birth Preferences
  • The 1st, 2nd & 3rd Stages of Labour, birthing the placenta, Cord Clamping & the Golden Hour
  • Relaxation
  • What to pack in your hospital bag

My Birth Partner can’t attend, can I come alone?

Our Course offers space for you and your Birth Partner but if they can’t make it, you’re welcome to come alone.  If your Birth Partner is not supportive of Hypnobirthing or you don’t have a Birth Partner, you can still benefit from Hypnobirthing by joining our Course and completing the practice at home which is supported by the Relaxation MP3 given to you as part of our Course.

‘Hypnobirthing changed my life completely! I turned the biggest fear of my life into the most empowering experience of my life!’ Mother

Join our Group Hypnobirthing Course

Our Hypnobirthing Course is suitable from 20 weeks of pregnancy until late pregnancy and the sooner you start, the more time you’ll have to build your Hypnobirthing practice at home in preparation for birth.

All bookings are taken online.  To book please complete the form below.  A payment request will be emailed to you on the same day (if you don’t receive it, please check your junk inbox or Contact Us).  Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email confirming your booking.  Spaces are limited and can fill quickly, to avoid disappointment it’s recommended to book early.

Please note: All students must arrive 15 minutes early to complete Registration.  All bookings must be completed and payment received at least 7 days before the Course Date.

Prior to booking, please see the Class Schedule for Class dates, times and updates on scheduled holidays/cancelled Classes and Prices.  All bookings are subject to our Terms and Conditions which are found here.


Private Hypnobirthing Courses are available and can be tailored to meet your individual needs at a time and place that suits you.

We are all wonderfully unique which is why at Yogalime we offer you choices with Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation Workshops and Hypnobirthing.  Our Hypnobirthing Course can either be taken as a stand-alone Course or together with your Pregnancy Yoga Classes and Birth Preparation Workshop.


Yogalime Hypnobirthing is taught by a KGH accredited Hypnobirthing Teacher and Member of the Hypnobirthing Association.