Prasarita Padottanasana A – Feet Spread Out Intense Stretch Posture A

Pronounced pra-SAH-ree-tah pah-doh-tan-AHS-anna, meaning feet spread out intense stretch posture.

This posture is found in the standing sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and is one of 4 in the Prasarita Padottansasana series, A-D.

It is recommended to seek the guidance and supervision of a qualified yoga teacher when practicing yoga postures.

Standing at the front of the yoga mat in Tadasana (Mountain Posture), inhale stepping the right foot towards the back of thePrasarita Padotttansasana A at yogalime mat.  This is a wide step with the outer edges of the feet parallel.  The feet are firmly rooted into the ground.  Do not lock the knees.  The arms reach out to the side of the body at shoulder height.

Exhale placing the hands on either side of the waist.

Inhale, lifting the chest upwards and opening the heart.  Look up towards the sky.

On an exhale, engage the bandhas (lift the pelvic floor up), draw the navel towards the spine and fold forwards, the sit bones reach up towards the sky.  Place the hands flat on the mat between the feet.  Hands are shoulder width apart and all parts are pressing firmly into the ground.  Fingers are spread out wide.

If the hands cannot reach the mat, rest the hands on the legs.  Alternatively, bend the knees to allow the hands to reach the mat.

Keeping the hands where they are, Inhale look up and lengthen the spine.  The shoulders are broad and shoulder blades reach down towards the lower back.  Exhale fold forwards and reach the head towards the floor.  The gaze is towards the nose.  The weight is forwards.  Take 5 deep breaths here.

Inhale, keeping the hands where they are, lengthen the spine look up.  Exhale, with a flat back, bring the hands to the side of the waist.  Inhale, coming up slowly to standing keeping the feet where they are.

Prasarita Padottansasana B is entered into from this position.

“Body is not stiff.  Mind stiff.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Peace and love, Sky

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