Black History Month Exhibition by Tower Hamlets Community Housing

Walking through Whitechapel recently, I came across an Exhibition organised by Tower Hamlets Community Housing to mark Black History Month.  The Exhibition runs from 20th-31st October 2014, between 10am-4pm and is located at THCH Head Office, 285 Commercial Road, London, E1 2PS. I share some images below from the Exhibition. I look forward to the day, when diversity in the UK need not be remembered one month of a year, when migrant communities are accepted and included as part of Great Britain and where their existence, remarkable history, accomplishments and contributions to humanity and the World at large, are taught to children at school and…

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Fascist Group EDL Diminished by Tower Hamlets in Solidarity

Far-right group the English Defense League were unable to enter Tower Hamlets in London on Saturday 7th September 2013, as thousands stood in solidarity to protect the East London Mosque, which had been threatened by the EDL.  Trade Unions, local mosques and organisations helped to mobilise people onto Whitechapel Road.  All were in unison in a stand against the EDL.