UK Public Take to Streets to say #RefugeesWelcome

Thousands of people joined nationwide demonstrations in the UK yesterday, to send a clear message to the Government, that refugees are welcome to come to the UK. Images from the protest are shared in this video: There was great diversity in solidarity and it wonderful to see so many children, with their handmade banners and parents raising awareness of this issue and encouraging activism. On the same day there was a monumental victory for the left, as Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour Leadership election in the largest landslide victory ever seen at this level. Within a couple of hours of…

Tower Hamlets on Fire at Defend Democracy

Tapas means ‘to burn or create heat’ and there was certainly that at an emergency rally in Mile End to defend democracy in Tower Hamlets last night, following Eric Pickles announcement to send in commissioners to oversee the running of Tower Hamlets Council (THC). A diverse community attended including the media, residents and supporters of Mayor Lutfur Rahman – there was no end to the number of people entering the hall throughout the evening.  All seats were taken and 100’s were happy to stand at the perimeter.  This was a coming together of community. Neither was there a shortage of…

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Fascist Group EDL Diminished by Tower Hamlets in Solidarity

Far-right group the English Defense League were unable to enter Tower Hamlets in London on Saturday 7th September 2013, as thousands stood in solidarity to protect the East London Mosque, which had been threatened by the EDL.  Trade Unions, local mosques and organisations helped to mobilise people onto Whitechapel Road.  All were in unison in a stand against the EDL.