yoga breathing and fear

Yoga Bubbles and Fear

I started beginners swimming lessons last week and was so excited! I’ve tried to take to swimming several times before but have never had good experiences. Time passes and I thought, yes, let’s do this! Our first class involved placing our faces in water and blowing bubbles. Sounds simple, right? Yes, well…. as soon as I did it, the exhale came out super fast, panic and anxiety set in and fearful thoughts set off like colourful exploding fireworks. The worse being “I can’t breathe.” I came up, and thought… “This is about breathing, I understand breathing.” A big inhale and then…

Yogalime Mums and Bumps Club

Introducing our Mums and Bumps Club. We had our first meet up last weekend and a jolly time we had too!  Sabrina, who is in her later stages of pregnancy shared that she really enjoyed herself and ‘it was great to hear the birth stories, tips on colic and feeling that there is a support network, knowing that everyone is going through the same thing.’ The Club builds on relationships forged in our Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga classes and has been created to bring women together, enabling experiences to be shared, learning, nurturing friendships and creating local support networks.  It offers an opportunity for mums…

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Fascist Group EDL Diminished by Tower Hamlets in Solidarity

Far-right group the English Defense League were unable to enter Tower Hamlets in London on Saturday 7th September 2013, as thousands stood in solidarity to protect the East London Mosque, which had been threatened by the EDL.  Trade Unions, local mosques and organisations helped to mobilise people onto Whitechapel Road.  All were in unison in a stand against the EDL.