Words and the Wonder Cervix

Words are sound intrinsically connected with breath, an exhalation, a release and carry their own energetic vibrations.

Image of the Cervix during the follicular phase, by the Beautiful Cervix Project

Using sound to open the throat supports the marvellous cervix to open.  Yes, there’s a connection between the throat and the awesome cervix and not just in name. The word ‘cervix’ is derived from Latin meaning ‘neck’ and forms the lower part of the womb.  Its cylindrical shape about an inch in length protrudes into the opening of the birth canal. During the menstrual cycle, the cervix changes, as it does in pregnancy and in labour and birth. In early labour the cervix softens and thins. When ready the cervix begins to dilate as surges increase in frequency and intensity to enable childbirth.

Ina May shared a valuable birth experience:

‘When someone says, “I love you” and means it, it opens up his throat – it literally does it. And when the throat opens up so does the cervix.’ Ina May was measuring a woman’s cervical dilation and felt a distinct difference in her tissue, in how stretchy she was, which was exactly synchronous with the woman saying “I love you.”

‘It made me really understand that words are vibrations and that some combinations of words have greater power than others.

“I love you” is very strong.’

Is the Vagus Nerve Involved?

The vagus nerve aka the wondering nerve (as it’s the longest cranial nerve) has a sensory function and is heavily interfaced with the parasympathetic nervous system – responsible for calmness, relaxation and digestion.  It communicates with the respiratory diaphragm, which in-turn gently stimulates the vagus nerve with each breath – deep breathing promoting relaxation.

Over a decade ago, Scientists demonstrated a vagus nerve connection between the brainstem and uterus in women.  In the throat, the vagus nerve has a motor function, where it’s involved in the movement of neck muscles, swallowing and speech.

There’s a strong mind-body-connection and words can be highly stimulating, for example in an emergency situation they can be a call to action – triggering stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system and a sharp adrenalin release, activating the ‘fight or flight’ response. On the other hand, words can convey love, positivity and enhance energetic connections. Positive, loving words can support you to feel safe and secure – and ready to birth your baby. Early labour and its progress are governed by the hormones of love which are supported the parasympathetic nervous system aka ‘rest and relax’ response.

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