Beautiful Home Birth of Nathaniel

Whitney and David very kindly share their home birth video of their second child, Nathaniel.  Many congratulations to them !

Whitney’s active home birth demonstrates how empowering being in a familiar and safe environment like your home can be.  Being at home is usually more relaxing and a space you feel comfortable in, without startling or uninvited interruptions – which can stall labour.  This helps to nurture the hormones required for labour to progress and enables you to focus your awareness inwards – baby is birthed not with the intellectual mind but with your body.

Whitney uses many techniques that we share in Pregnancy Yoga with long sounding exhalations, visual positive affirmations (Sankalpa), standing, seated & floor movements and plenty of pelvic rocking.  Being at home means Whitney can move freely into different spaces as she needs, from her bath, to bedroom – with soft lighting and photos of loved ones surrounding her.

Fabric or Rebozo with gentle sifting is applied when Whitney is on all fours which helps to release tight ligaments and promotes relaxation – helping labour to progress.  David is ‘present’, seems calm and relaxed holding Whitney during labour, with Partner squatting postures for birth. We teach these Birth Partner techniques and many more in our Birth Preparation Workshop.

When watching this video, the belief and confidence Whitney has in herself shines out.  An environment of love surrounds her which she has put thought into creating.  Labour can be a long process, positive affirmations placed all around can encourage you through labour and help to focus the mind.  Whitney was clearly tapping into her inner awareness, listening to her body and honouring it – working with her body.  Being at home meant that their daughter could also share in the early moments of Natheniel’s birth, together as a family.

Birth is often depicted as an alarming medicalised process or something to fear.   This home birth video shares how natural birth can be.  Thank you Whitney and David for sharing your very emotional and loving home birth with us. Inspiring.

This birthing video was created by gifted birth photographer Monet Nicole.