Elements for pleasurable sex are needed for Birth

‘The Performance – Sex like Birth’ is a witty spoof video that turns modern concepts of child birth on their head.  If a man is placed in a brightly lit hospital setting and asked to have sex and climax but with frequent interruptions, examinations, whilst being observed by strangers and commented upon – how do you think he manages ?

Yet women are often expected to birth their babies in exactly this scenario.  This video highlights the importance of the environment in labour and birth.  A dark, quiet, private place that feels comfortable and safe – what many need for pleasurable love making, is needed to support the hormone of love and birth – Oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a shy hormone with multiple functions that stimulates uterine contractions during labour.  It can be inhibited by stress which can have the effect to slow and even stall labour.  This is why many women chose to birth their babies at home, as they are more likely to feel safe, comfortable, relaxed and have privacy there – to support the release of oxytocin and the hormones of birth.

If you would like to know more about the physiology and anatomy of childbirth and practical techniques you and your birth partner can use to support you, join us at our Birth Preparation Workshop for women and their birth partners.


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