Community parents, bumps and babies in E14

Supporting New Parents on the Isle of Dogs

On Monday I popped into Café Forever on the Isle of Dogs in London E14, to meet with the ‘Bumps and Babies’ Group – part of the Community Parents initiative.  The group aims to support people when they become a parent or are new to the area.  It’s open to mums and dads and expectant mums and dads. Cafe Forever is a ministry of London City Mission which ‘exists to share with the people of London, the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ, and to enable them to join his church.’ Speaking with some of the parents attending, I gained…

The Exchange Project for Parents

I am excited to share news about the Exchange Project which has been running for 8 years, sharing items used in raising children between the ages of 0-10 years.  The idea is simple and it is beautiful.  Exchange items you do not need for items you do. We live in a world of excessive consumption.  The impact of our demands can be observed, felt and are lived globally for example with child labour, slavery, workers working in dangerous conditions, and the negative impact of production and waste upon the environment and nature.  This consumption is also driven by waste, our waste.  So…

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Fascist Group EDL Diminished by Tower Hamlets in Solidarity

Far-right group the English Defense League were unable to enter Tower Hamlets in London on Saturday 7th September 2013, as thousands stood in solidarity to protect the East London Mosque, which had been threatened by the EDL.  Trade Unions, local mosques and organisations helped to mobilise people onto Whitechapel Road.  All were in unison in a stand against the EDL.