Sankalpa for Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga

Sankalpa for pregnancy and postnatal recoveryA sankalpa is a positive affirmation planted deep in the minds subconscious.  It helps to focus mental energy and works to transform your entire being.  A sankalpa can help to enhance your receptivity and awareness to your own intuitive wisdom.

Traditionally, a sankalpa once coined is kept for a lifetime or until the sankalpa comes into fruition.  However, sankalpa can specifically be used to support a woman during pregnancy, childbirth and with her postnatal recovery.

A sankalpa is a short positive statement set in the present tense.  As if it is something that is happening now.  Pregnancy and motherhood are an enormous transition for women and you may hear many voices around you, words of encouragement, advice and support.

Your sankalpa should reflect your own inner voice alone – the voice of your intuitive higher wisdom.  Your sankalpa is private to you, and once chosen should be kept just to yourself.

Some examples of sankalpa for pregnancy, labour and postnatal recovery are:

  • I can do it and the baby can
  • I have everything I need to birth my baby
  • My baby is perfectly supported by my body
  • I have a healthy pregnancy
  • I am present, here and now
  • My baby’s birth is beautiful, safe and normal
  • My baby is born healthy and happy
  • I am fit, healthy, energised and beautiful
  • I am a wonderful mother to my baby
  • I am growing into a more beautiful mum every day
  • I am the perfect mother for my baby

Choosing your sankalpa

Take time to sit with yourself, perhaps practice a few rounds of mindful breathing, directing awareness inwards.  Reflect upon your long and short term aims, desires and priorities.  Listen to the silent voice in your heart, which speaks your intuitive wisdom.  What does it say?  Keep your sankalpa simple and write it out in a few different ways, until you find the arrangement of words that most truly speaks the voice of your hearts deepest desire.  Once you have your sankalpa, write it down so that you don’t forget it.

How to use your Sankalpa

Sankalpa is powerful when used in combination with the breath.  When using your sankalpa, repeat the same phrase of words each time.  Whenever you say or repeat your sankalpa, imagine the silent voice sounding your sankalpa is voicing the powerful wisdom of your heart.  The first time you say your sankalpa, imagine you are planting a seed and every time you repeat it, you are watering, nourishing and nurturing the seed you planted.

A Sankalpa can be used at the transitions of day, for example, repeating your sankalpa first thing when you awake in the morning or the last thing you say before you sleep.  It can be placed between the natural transitions of breath, for example at the pause between inhale and exhale.  It can be positively used during breathing, meditative and visualisation practices – techniques commonly shared in pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes.

Sankalpa is a powerful tool that you can use to help support you during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatally.  It can help you overcome anxiety and fear and provide you with encouragement and great strength.  Take a little time to perfect your sankalpa so that it speaks the wisdom of your hearts inner voice.  Then plant its’ seed in a fertile mind and nourish well during the day and days to come.

Peace and love, Sky






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