Pregnancy Yoga Yogalime

Maternal Mental Health Matters

Today is World Maternal Mental Health Day. More than 1 in 10 women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or soon after giving birth.  Perinatal mental health refers to a woman’s mental health in pregnancy and in the 1st year after birth. It includes mental illnesses that existed before pregnancy, as well as illnesses that develop for the first time, or are greatly exacerbated in the perinatal period. Even though this is experienced by many women, they often find it difficult to speak about and share, 7 in 10 women will hide or underplay the severity of their perinatal mental…

The Importance of Dignity in Birth

Whether or not you have a good or bad birth experience isn’t all down to whether you have your ‘ideal’ birth – it’s also about how you are made to feel throughout labour and birth.  Your relationship and experience with your maternity care-givers matters. The White Ribbon Alliance, a global organisation which demands the right to a safe birth for every woman highlights the importance of this relationship – Women’s experiences with caregivers can empower and comfort or inflict lasting damage and emotional trauma. Either way, women’s memories of their childbearing experiences stay with them for a lifetime and are often shared with other…

Birthing without Judgment

I really enjoy sharing Pregnancy Yoga with expecting Mums-to-Be. I encourage women to start classes early in their Pregnancy and continue throughout their Pregnancy, so that the practice becomes natural to them and they make it their own. Overtime, it has become apparent by some of the questions asked and the way in which comments are often made about birth – that women can hold much judgment about birth and anxiety about the ‘proper way’ to do it. Set yourself an Intention if you so wish. Try to let go of judgment of yourself and others. Let go of expectation….