Pregnancy Yoga Classes at Yogalime

Pregnancy yoga in E14 and E15

At Yogalime, our motto is ‘Give love to you’ and our Pregnancy Yoga Classes are restorative, loving and kind to mums-to-be.  Whilst we move the body in asana (yoga postures) to strengthen the muscles and joints, we also focus on opening and relaxing the body and mind in preparation for childbirth.

In Ayurveda philosophy there is considered to be an energetic connection between an unborn child and a mothers heart.  Many of our practices will work with an awareness of this bond and help to nurture this connection.

Pregnancy yoga has many benefits, and helps a woman to create a firm foundation for the life changing months and years ahead.  Pregnancy Yoga Classes are empowering and encourage a woman to listen to and draw awareness from her own intuition – this helps to nurture confidence from within.

During Classes we explore breathing techniques, meditations, visualisations and relaxation practices which can help to calm emotional and physical stress, tension and anxiety.  These techniques can be practiced to obtain a more restful sleep and are effective aids in managing sensations during labour and birth.

Some benefits of pregnancy yoga include:

-Improved general health

–Opportunity to relax and connect with your body and baby

-Breathing techniques to aid natural pain management during labour and birth

-Improved energy levels

-Helps with general aches and pains

-Exploring birthing positions to aid labour, enabling women to become familiar with positions beforehand

-Balanced body and mind

-Easing muscular tension

-More restful sleep with less fatigue

-Stronger body

-Helps to manage common ailments e.g. lower back pain, indigestion, heart-burn, constipation, pelvic gurdle pain, exhaustion, stiff and aching body, stress, insomnia, sciatica etc.

-Nurtures emotional stability and builds confidence

-Teaches practical  techniques to help your body to relax and release in preparation for labour and birth.

-Helps a woman to understand her body, which is of assistance in postnatal healing and strengthening.

Pregnancy yoga is more than an exercise class.  Yoga views a woman holistically, which enables her to have a more peaceful, nurturing and confident transition into motherhood.

Wishing you the very best with your pregnancy and birth of baby !

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