Birthing without Judgment

I really enjoy sharing Pregnancy Yoga with expecting Mums-to-Be. I encourage women to start classes early in their Pregnancy and continue throughout their Pregnancy, so that the practice becomes natural to them and they make it their own. Overtime, it has become apparent by some of the questions asked and the way in which comments are often made about birth – that women can hold much judgment about birth and anxiety about the ‘proper way’ to do it. Set yourself an Intention if you so wish. Try to let go of judgment of yourself and others. Let go of expectation….

Pregnancy Yoga Classes at Yogalime

At Yogalime, our motto is ‘Give love to you’ and our Pregnancy Yoga Classes are restorative, loving and kind to mums-to-be.  Whilst we move the body in asana (yoga postures) to strengthen the muscles and joints, we also focus on opening and relaxing the body and mind in preparation for childbirth. In Ayurveda philosophy there is considered to be an energetic connection between an unborn child and a mothers heart.  Many of our practices will work with an awareness of this bond and help to nurture this connection. Pregnancy yoga has many benefits, and helps a woman to create a firm foundation for the…